The Insatiable John S. Williams tries ONCE MORE to swindle dead martial artist’s family.




Christ, he’s back again, and scarier than ever –
it’s the ‘Public Guardian!’

If you’ve been following the ongoing, jaw-dropping saga of the Worst.  Public Guardian / Public Administrator.  Ever. you may very well remember the overall picture that, after severely bloating his agency’s budget with unnecessary six-figure administrative positions for political cronies and spiking their pensions, he has attempted to compensate by 1) trimming down and then overworking the staff of deputies who actually do all the hard work, and 2) re-doubling his efforts to seize and administer the estates of dead, dependent-less Orange Countians, the better to FEAST on the huge FEES.

The dearly departed.

Getting more specific, you may even recall his attempted heist of mixed martial artist and TapouT owner Charles “The Mask” Lewis’ $15 million estate last year – for which Williams fought Diane Larson, the single Illinois mother of The Mask’s two children, like a rabid badger, claiming among other things that the estate was far too complex for a single mother to administer.

And on an unforgettable, anecdotal level, you may remember the multiple reports coming out of that unhappy office at the time, that Public “Guardian” Williams was striding around the building crowing, “The fees from this one will balance our whole 2009-10 budget!”

Most human beings who took notice of the shameful episode cheered heartily when the appellate court ruled in favor of Ms. Larson and her bereaved kids, and assumed that was the end of the matter.  Pero, no. My resourceful pajaritos inform me [scoop alert!] that the Insatiable Williams is returning to court January 13 to demand over $100,000 in fees from Ms. Larson, to pay for all his trouble fighting her.

Feast your eyes on this unbelievable PDF of Williams’ complaint and its appendices, and allow me and my pajarito to walk you through its high points:

  • JW is demanding “Statutory Compensation and Extraordinary Fees” in the amount of $84,176, which is already exorbitant.  But a close reading of item 37 [page 8] appears to show that he actually wants three or four TIMES that amount – note how “each” is underlined, when he refers to “the special administrator, the general administrator, and their legal counsel each” – so he could very well be demanding over $336,000.
  • He is also demanding attorney fees of $15,900, and bond fees and storage fees of $5,595.73. This is a good time to point out how outrageous it is that he’s demanding any fees at all, as he never had the authority to petition over The Mask’s children in the first place!
  • Exhibit A shows the receipts and disbursements. Page 8 for Exhibit A last item on page shows a $420.00 fee for someone to dismantle a 200-gallon fish aquarium and all equipment ($300.00) and then $120.00 for pet care for eel for one month! (there are subsequent charges for on-going care for the eel on pages that follow).
  • Eel care, bane of bureaucrats

  • Page 9 of Exhibit A shows a fee of $1500.00 to a tax service. See above for possible duplicate charging of tax preparation.
  • They also do a lot of car repair at tens of thousands of dollars (page 10). Then they later sell the cars at a loss in subsequent pages. Page 12 of Exhibit A shows a fee of $6,902.03 for an online auction house for sale of 2009 Mercedes (could this be another No-Bid Contract?). Page 14 of Exhibit A shows the loss to the estate on the sale of the vehicles. Why was there a rush to sell these vehicles while there was a fight going on over the estate? Why did such losses occur? How was this sale advertised – seems like they would have received more money due to the high profile case! ($59,045.89 total losses on sale from appraised value of vehicles). Keep in mind all the previous money spent on fixing these cars prior to the sale!  [The answer is the commissions JW receives on all sales; and that’s the reason he made the sales quickly when he already knew he had lost the case to Ms. Larson.]

Tell me again, why did all you people vote this guy back in for another four years?  Supervisors Nelson, Moorlach, Campbell, are you finally ready to bring this greedy clown to heel??  [That report is due to CEO Mauk in three days.]

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