Be Santa Claus.


It’s a tough day when your kids find out (usually from friends at school) that there is no Santa Claus…

When my kids heard this, they were, of course, devastated.

So, I sat them down one day and told them the story of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (3rd century Greece), and how he spent his substancial inheritance helping the poor and feeding the hungry. (Don’t worry, Libs, this isn’t a religious pitch)

I explained to my daughter and son that this kind man, who gave of himself, expecting nothing in return, was the basis for the “Santa Claus” story.

Then, I pointed out that whenever THEY do something for someone; some act of kindness, giving, whatever, and without expectation of return, that they are, in fact, “Santa Claus”. This can happen ANY time of the year, under any circumstance. Their act of kindness is what “Santa” was truly all about…

Last week, my son and I volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. This is something I encourage everyone to do…even if it’s just one time. It only takes a couple hours, but the benefit to those in need is immeasurable.

The folks there are friendly and helpful, and it’s a great way to spend time with the family.

And, when we give of ourselves unselfishly, we keep the spirit of the Holiday Season year-round…

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County:

Hirota: out!

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