Harry Reid tweets Lady Gaga: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is History! And Dan Choi rejoices.




Cindy McCain disses her rabid 'phobe hubby in this famous pro-gay-equality ad.

Victories for the forces of justice, progress and equality are so few and far between lately, that we gotta make sure to celebrate each one.  As Gabriel just told us, five conservative DINO Senators helped the Mexican-hating GOP kill the DREAM Act this morning for at least another couple years.

But shortly afterwards – mirabile dictu! – eight Republican Senators said “piss off old coot” to John McCain and joined nearly all Democrats in putting an end to a particularly gross and anachronistic Clinton-era policy – the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” which allowed gay people to serve in the military ONLY if they lied and pretended not to be gay.  (How morally corrosive, and antithetical to military ideals!)

Props for rare independence to Republicans Scott Brown, Richard Burr, Susan Collins, John Ensign, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe and George Voinovich.  America needs you guys to continue to occasionally buck your idiotic party and do what’s right, let’s see a lot more of that.

Senate Leader Harry Reid just had to tweet that good news to Lady Gaga who has been a tireless advocate on this issue:  “@ladygaga #DADT on its way to becoming history.”

Local Tustin boy Lieutenant Dan Choi (left) who was discharged from the Army after coming out on the Rachel Maddow show, and is recovering from a “nervous breakdown” in a Massachusetts military hospital, responded this afternoon that the Senate vote “sent a jolt of good American energy,” and that it “re-energizes” him for the struggle.

And, below, a group of Democrats and equality activists take a well-deserved victory lap:


Meanwhile, I heard John McCain, who has taken the leadership in preventing this vital step forward, dishonoring for the nth time his own military service and taking refuge behind a series of more and more nonsensical pretexts, cementing his reputation forever as a mean-spirited reactionary long past his due date, make his statement on the radio, such as it was:  First he sputtered for a couple of seconds, then wheezed:  “It’s a sad day in America.”

A sad day for you, perhaps, “my friend.”  Time to go home now to your pro-gay wife and daughter to be patronized, pampered, put off to bed, and ridiculed during your nap by your female offspring who will outlive you by many decades.

Meghan McCain, the tolerant, good-natured,
economically conservative,
future of the Republican Party.

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