Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas




Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas.

This Christmas, give the gift of knowledge. I highly recommend three books, both for reading as well as giving:

“The Heritage Guide to the Constitution” (Meese) ( This book is essential Conservative reading, as it takes the Constitution, line by line, right by right, and offers historical as well as judicial perspective. (It is a constant reference for me…)

“Liberty and Tyranny” (Levin) ( From Constitutional scholar Mark Levin, this books takes many of the laws today and puts them into Constitutional perspective.

“Rules for Radical Conservatives” (Kahane) ( This book will make you itchy, as it chronicles modern American history through the eyes of a self-proclaimed radical Leftist. However, it is a MUST READ, as it offers tremendous insight into WHY we are where we are today.

Hirota: out.

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