AFP/Joe Vranich Top 10 reasons co’s leaving CA


adios CA

Americans For Prosperity has just released a four minute video in which Joe Vranich lists the “ten top reasons” why California companies are calling moving companies.

There is a major difference between “outsourcing” manufacturing to some foreign country then losing our manufacturing base to neighboring states.

Loss of California companies is not a new issue for me. Several years ago our former state Senator Dick Ackerman gave me a glossy one page flyer from Oklahoma governor Frank Keating enticing companies to relocate to his state. In the text it offers a “free business  incentive analysis” that “you will enjoy when your company relocates to Oklahoma.”

A few months ago I attended a Pacific Research Institute Workshop in Newport Beach where the objective was to educate and inform attendees on “How to Bring the Gold back to the Golden State.” I covered and blogged  that event this past March.

Following are the top 10 that you can hear  and view in the 4 minute AFP YouTube

#10 Unfair taxes

#9 Most expensive business locations

#8 Terrible business performance

#7 Dreadful legal treatment

#6 Worst regulatory burden

#5 Harsh treatment

#4 Unfriendliness

#3 High misery index

#2 Uncontrollable spending

#1 Worst state to do business

In the private sector we would utilize “cause and effect” diagrams, be it quality control or project management, to address our challenges. What suggestions do Juice readers have on this issue where our state has one of the highest unemployment or underemployed labor pool in the nation?

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