Van Tran cries out: “I am NOT a child molester!”

Funny.  I don’t think you can fairly say that Christine O’Donnell is actually a witch (even if she long ago “dabbled into it.”)  And on the other hand, Richard Nixon was most certainly a crook.  But in both cases, it didn’t seem helpful for them to deny those things so emphatically and memorably.

And yet, strangely, Van Tran, apropos of almost nothing at the KOCE debate, cried out “I am not a child molester!” (This will be showing tonight on KOCE, in the second half of the debate.)

I don’t believe Van Tran is a child molester either.  (Or even that he long ago dabbled into it.)  I have absolutely no reason to think Van Tran is a child molester, as much as I think he’s been a bad assemblyman and would be a horrible choice for Congress.  You could say a lot of policies he advocates are bad for the world’s children, but to get from there to saying “Van Tran is a child molester” would be a bridge too far, even for this scabrous blog.

I don’t think that Loretta Sanchez considers Van Tran a child molester either, although I can’t really speak for her.  She seemed very startled at his unprovoked proclamation – (which was apparently suggested to his shaky mind by the mention of some piece of legislation in a long list of horrible votes he has made in Sacramento.)

Still I think it might be simple good form for her to release a statement – something along the lines of “I do not, have never, and see no reason to believe that my respected opponent Mr. Tran molests children.”  (That’s of course assuming that she does not believe, as I do not believe, that Van Tran is a child molester.)

I hope that we can lay this strange matter to rest immediately, and concentrate on the real issues at hand in the 47th Congressional District.  Van Tran is a narrow-minded fool who mindlessly spouts off whatever the latest GOP talking points are, no matter how absurd.  He has practiced the politics of racial divisiveness scientifically for years, and then jumps on a gaffe of Loretta’s to accuse her of the same thing, the pot calling the kettle black.  He bashes gays because he feels it’s safe, but becomes tongue-tied when immigration comes up, knowing there’s no way to please all the people he needs to please on that issue.  He has a record in Sacramento that would make any self-respecting person retreat quietly into private life at this point.

But he is not, I repeat, NOT, a child molester.  (As far as I know.)

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