Phu will emerge triumphant over the forces of evil trying to derail his campaign

Phu Nguyen argues his longtime neo-Nazi Asian neighbors are “mistaken” when they claim he’s spent the last five years living in this gated Santa Ana chateau with his family.

As we all know, Phu Nguyen, a Democratic Party candidate running in the 68th State Assembly District, has recently come under vicious attack by Mike Reicher, an extremely biased reporter from The Daily Pilot who is also alleged to be a Mansoor-loving GOP operative.

As shocking as it may be, Mr. Reicher had the audacity to use his degree in investigative journalism to uncover evidence suggesting that the multi-millionaire populist has been living in his gated Santa Ana chateau instead of amongst the rabble of Westminster.

In fact, Mr. Reicher has been relentless in his harrassment of Mr. Nguyen, even having the guts to actually write a favorable puff piece about his candidacy that eventually was printed in The Los Angeles Times, a newspaper read by white supremacists:,0,7972502.story

In comments made in response to questions about his residency, Mr. Nguyen suggests that all of his longtime neo-Nazi Asian neighbors are deeply “mistaken” about his whereabouts and hints practically nobody–not even himself–knows where he has been living.

One way Mr. Nguyen can prove them wrong is for him to post five years worth of authenticated copies of his water, gas, electric, and phone bills from both his gated Santa Ana chateau and his dumpy Westminster home on his campaign website for all to see.

Another is for him to contact the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and ask they open a criminal investigation on himself to determine if he committed perjury on any documents he filed. We all know Mr. Nguyen has absolutely nothing to hide.

There is no doubt that Phu will emerge triumphant over the forces of evil trying to derail his campaign. Once his good name is restored, little children around the world will jump for joy knowing that their knight in shining armor has come to save them.

The above is political satire by Duane Roberts, who is also the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in California.

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