OC Weekly’s Best Blog of 2010 is the Friends for Fullerton’s Future!

Congratulations to our co-bloggers at the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog – they have been named OC Weekly Best Blog of 2010.  The Orange Juice Blog was the OC Weekly’s pick for Best Blog in 2007.  (No best blog award so far for Jerbal’s Red County or his blue pals at the Lib OC).

I must agree with the OC Weekly.  The FFFF is the best!  We invited them to cross-post here a few years ago and they have since become most legendary in their own right.

Their fearless leader, Tony Bushala, is the best – and his webmaster Travis Kiger also helps us when our site has server issues.  And there is nothing that can compare to the FFFF’s parties – particularly since they always invoke the ghost of Grover Cleveland and they don’t allow any Red County or Lib OC hacks at their soirées.

Here is what the OC Weekly had to say about the FFFF crew:

It’s rare to see conservatives take on the Orange County Republican power structure, but that’s exactly what this Fullerton-based blog does. Combining juvenile name-calling, actual investigative chops, and a disdain for nearly everything and everyone, Friends for Fullerton’s Future’s collection of writers generates an arresting, laugh-out-loud read that never bores. Among its gets this year:

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