Nativo Lopez announces General Election recommendations


INTRODUCTION – It is not with much fanfare that we post these voter recommendations for the general election of November in California. We have not witnessed this level of voter apathy in quite some time. We are experiencing the worst and best of times in several generations depending on where you are positioned on the annual income spectrum. The vast majority of working people of California, and the nation, are on the losing end when we consider the most important social indicators. The gap between wealth and poverty has not been as extreme since the 1890s, and it is only getting worst. The political challenge presented to all Latino and non-Latino organizations, typically tied to the Democratic Party, is the sad reality that the political party in power with majorities at the state and national level not observed since the 1970s has continued to pursue economic and social policies not in accord with its own core constituencies. Having said that, we are not confident that the Democratic Party in California or nationally will do anything beyond managing the crisis for big capital at the continued expense of working people.

General Election

November 02, 2010
State of California

  • Governor, Jerry Brown (democrat)
  • Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom (democrat)
  • Secretary of State, Marylou Cabral (peace and freedom)
  • Controller, Karen Martinez (peace and freedom)
  • Treasurer, Debra L. Reiger (peace and freedom)
  • Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris (democrat)
  • Insurance Commissioner, Dina Josephine Padilla (peace and freedom)

Measures submitted to the voters:

  • Proposition 19 – Yes
  • Proposition 20 – Yes
  • Proposition 21 – No
  • Proposition 22 – Yes
  • Proposition 23 – No
  • Proposition 24 – No
  • Proposition 25 – No
  • Proposition 26 – No
  • Proposition 27 – No


Nativo V. Lopez, National President of MAPA (323) 269-1575


Mexican American Political Association
phone: 323-269-1575

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