My dinner with Hoagy Holguin and Lucille Kring

Thomas “Hoagy” Holguin invited me to a fundraising dinner last night, at Mr. Stox in Anaheim.  The event was very well attended, by some of Anaheim’s major players.  In fact I sat with Hoagie right across from State Senate candidate Lucille Kring and her husband.

Kring was a bit peeved at me initially, as my coverage of her campaign hasn’t been terribly kind.  I explained that I am a supporter of Lou Correa, the incumbent in the 34th State Senate District, but I also pointed out that we posted her campaign office grand opening press release, and I invited her to appear on next week’s edition of Orange Juice Blog Radio.  She agreed.

Then we had a great time.  I had not seen Kring in many years.  So of course we ended up talking about politics.  Not really, we spent the evening talking about her chihuahua, “Bogart.”

Kring found him wandering the streets of Santa Ana, I believe this summer, and she spent an hour trying to corral him, as she was afraid he would get run over.  Once she caught him she spent an hour visiting nearby apartments, in an attempt to find his owner, as he had a collar on.  When she failed in that regard, she drove him to the County animal shelter.  She was told that they would hold him for a time in the hopes that his owner would claim him.

Kring had the presence of mind to call them a week later, and he was scheduled to be put down.  She would have none of that.  Kring explained to me that she has always been a cat person, and had never owned a dog, but something about this little dog touched her and she could not stand the thought of having him put down.

So Kring adopted the dog, who was malnourished, flea-bitten, and had an ear infection.  She spent a lot of money getting all that resolved, and brought him home to her husband, who named the dog “Bogart.”  He also had to explain to Kring that it wasn’t a pit bull puppy, but was some sort of Chihuahua/Terrier mix.

Kring is such an animal lover that she prefers not to eat meat.  She settled for the salmon last night.  She is of course pro-life, but in her case that sentiment extends beyond human babies to all sorts of animals.

She also shared a very funny tale about how her cats one day brought a rat in the house – and of course Kring tried to nurse it back to health.  Alas the poor at succumbed to his injuries and so of course she had a rat funeral in the backyard.

We did finally talk a bit about politics. Kring is working hard, walking every day, primarily in Garden Grove.  She has quite a following in Anaheim, where she has been a Councilwoman for years.  Her signs went up recently all over Santa Ana as well.  Her big signs are uniquely diamond shaped.

Does Kring have  chance?  Well, she pointed out that Anaheim Council Members have an 80% approval rating.  Our State Legislators have about a ten percent approval rating.  Ouch.

If you click on “Issues” on Kring’s website you will see that she is wisely avoiding the issue of immigration.  She does however list a few endorsers who are not good on that issue at all, including Mexican-basher Dana Rohrabacher.  Interestingly she does not include Van Tran on her list, but she did say that he is helping her in Garden Grove.

I also had a chance last night to catch up with Holguin and his very capable campaign staff.  He has a ton of endorsements, and just launched his new TV commercials.  He doesn’t have Curt Pringle’s support, but that might be a good thing now that Pringle has been tainted by his support for the high speed rail boondoggle.

Thanks to Hoagie for the invitation to dinner!  I look forward to having Kring and Holguin on my online radio show in the coming weeks.

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