Meg Whitman could have bought full scholarships for almost 40,000 college students instead

I found this list of things that Meg Whitman could have bought with the $163 million that she spent on her failing campaign for Governor, over at So. California Public Radio’s website.  Here is the list:

  • Contribute about $300,000 to every member of the US Congress
  • Purchase the Hearst Castle
  • Buy about 800,000 kilos of Mexican marijuana
  • Fully fund the Atlanta-based Charter School Growth Fund, which hopes to establish spots for 335,000 children in charter schools over the next decade
  • Fund the entire bonus pool paid to AIG executives in 2009
  • Give $11.64 to each of the 13 million-plus California voters who participated in the 2008 general election, or just buy a Happy Meal for every Californian
  • Provide the total investment Toshiba is putting up for a plant in Japan that will produce the next generation of flash memory modules
  • Buy a 190-foot x 125-foot “floating island” yacht unveiled earlier this year at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show. The ship features a 75 foot swimming pool, cinema, music and dining rooms and a 90 foot-long “beach”
  • Finance the entire production of the film, “Inception”, which, by the way, went on to earn more than $800 million
  • Match a grant recently awarded by the federal government to expand high-speed rail service in New England
  • Reimburse Wells Fargo for the fine it paid to settle a criminal case against its Wachovia unit, which was charged with allowing international cocaine cartels to launder money through its bank
  • Provide full scholarships for almost 40,000 students to attend Cal State Universities for one year
  • Purchase 10 million Personalized Black Titanium/Stainless Steel Name Rings (each one engraved “Meg”) on Ebay

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