Just in Time for Halloween: “Hoagy’s” Misplaced Ad (and Priorities)

You’d think for a candidate coming out as a Trustee of the Anaheim Union High School District, Thomas ‘Hoagy’ Holguin would be for balanced budget priorities if entrusted with a city council seat. But, as the election nears, ads seem to be stretching further towards the desperate and the Hoagster has reached for the politics of fear! His new TV spot (above) is complete with a ‘scary’ re-creation of an Anaheim beat down full of alleyway chingasos in the hood! Then cut – to a scene where the city council hopeful introduces himself in the backdrop of a neighborhood so “trim and neat” that it probably doesn’t have to actually worry about such ‘imagined scenarios’ but dreads them irrationally just the same. To allay such misplaced fear, he ends with the statement: “I will ensure more funding to put patrols back on the street while streamlining Anaheim’s budget through increased accountability.” Translation: More money for the Anaheim Police Department and less money (i.e. “streamlining”) for everything else.

These are tough economic times to be sure and budget priorities are important. That’s why I went to that radical anti-cop website “Behind the Badge” to find out the latest information on Anaheim’s crime rate. As it turns out, it continues to trend downward – staged on-camera alleyway assaults aside! Earlier this May the blog noted:

Violent and property crime rates continued to free fall in Anaheim, according to a report released this week by the California Department of Justice. Anahiem’s overall crime rate dipped by nearly 10 percent, the report said. The biggest decrease? Vehicle burglaries dropped more than 17 percent.“This is good news and more evidence of how real partnerships between the police department and the community are paying off,” said Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez. “It takes a village to keep a community safe, and we’re pleased that the effort in Anaheim is paying off. Of course we must continue to look out for one another.”

Just a couple days later, the blog also highlighted in May of this year the fact that Anaheim’s crime rate declined at double the national average. With this official information, what gives? This is seemingly the only card Hoagy can play in the ‘tough on crime’ game since council member candidates Leos and Murray took home the endorsements of the Anaheim Police Association. The only police related endorsement the Trustee could put on his campaign website was that of Don Baldwin, APD VIP Volunteer. (Was retired cop and infamous bigot Harald Martin unavailable?)

Now some of you might be reading this and thinking, what about the prisoner early release program? The Reggie reported the number of likely OC-bound inmates at “more than 300” and not the “over 400” that the ad claims. Also, that figure is again, for OC-bound people. News flash: they aren’t all headed to the city of Anaheim! The number of early release prisoners coming back to the Big A is, of course, much smaller than the total for the county but isn’t as “spooky” for purposes of political advertising. Such grounded information need not apply as the TV spot inflates as it insinuates.

That being said, if the whole city council seat thing doesn’t work out, and Tracy Morgan suddenly gives up hosting duties for the SyFy show “Scare Tactics,” I know just the guy…

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