Beth Krom asks: What’s to “RESIST?”

From the Beth Krom for Congress campaign:

Dear Vern,

Like you, I’m tired of watching people run for public office on an “I hate government” platform. Sadly, for people like John Campbell, it’s all they’ve got. Worse still, when they win – we lose.

Can you imagine kids being taught by people who don’t value education? How about going to a doctor who doesn’t believe in modern medicine or hiring a lawyer who doesn’t believe in the judicial system – would any of us expect that to work out well?

Unfortunately, in America today, there is a wave of negativity in politics that is hurting our country. Disrespect has replaced statesmanship, and on a daily basis, we see politicians use their platform to rant and rave, rather than focusing on finding solutions to the serious challenges we face as a nation. They’d rather inflame than inform. They’d rather attack than address. They’d rather enrage than engage.

Case in point: John Campbell. His campaign slogan is “Join the Resistance.”

As far as I can tell, the only thing John Campbell is resisting is serving the people he represents. Since he’s been in Washington, he’s consistently resisted supporting equal pay for women, extending loan programs for college students, enhancing veteran’s health benefits, funding border security, securing research funding for UCI, increasing Medicare funding, negotiating drug prices and leveraging tax credits to help small businesses.

On Election Day, we can show John Campbell that we have the power to resist his rhetoric and restore our seat at the table in Washington.

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Hundreds of people just like you have been walking, phone banking and activating networks for more than a year to help us win this race. The truth is, it all comes down to who votes. That’s why your increased support these next two weeks is so important. Whatever you can do, for whatever time you can give us – that’s all we can ask.

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With your support, we will make history on Election Day. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail – and representing you in Congress!


Beth Krom
Candidate for Congress (CA 48)
Beth Krom for Congress

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