Amezcua wrecked by new mailers divulging his traffic record and support for criminals

Santa Ana Mayoral Candidate Alfredo Amezcua was completely wrecked today by a pair of mailers that highlighted his defense of gang bangers and drug dealers, and the fraud he committeed while receiving 19 traffic tickets.

In the criminal mailer, Amezcua’s law practice specialties are quoted.  They include working for “dead beat dads,” which is something he should know about; child molesters and sex offenders; gang members; and even drunk drivers.

Amezcua has been harping a lot about crime, but thanks to him a lot of criminals are running free today.

The mailer even discloses that Amezcua represented someone who raped a 13-year old girl, and then he tried to kill her after she reported the incident!

I wonder how many of these guys are walking precincts for Amezcua?

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