A video message from CAPO candidates Pritchard, Hatton & Alikhani

Get to know three of your five great Capistrano Children First candidates here!

And where are the other two, John Alpay and Martha McNicholas, you may ask?  Well if you hadn’t figured out by looking closely at this ad, these three are the candidates who have accepted support from the teachers’ union;  Alpay and McNicholas have not.

I hope we’re all done throwing around the term “union candidates” by now, now that Mike Winsten has confirmed in a public forum that he and Ken Maddox-Lopez (Lopez-Maddox?) went to the Teamsters for support.  Not to mention that histrionic thespian Anna Bryson is a Screen Actors Guild member.   Unions got nothing to do with this recall one way or the other, it’s a mass movement of parents and taxpayers.

I hope a lot of you caught our interview with Saam Alikhani on Radio Orange Juice last night, it was really good.  I’ll try to find out when it’s broadcasting again, and I’ll work the best parts into an article soon.

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