Van Tran reiterates his support for Arizona’s crackdown on immigrants

Picture of Mexican-bashers Van Tran and Allan Mansoor courtesy of the L.A. Times

Republican congressional candidate Van Tran has been quite sneaky this year about his views on immigration.  But he finally came clean during an interview with the O.C. Register that was published today.  He “aid he supports Arizona’s right to attempt to crack down on illegal immigration.”

Tran flew to the border a few years ago with a host of his Trannies, to make fun of Mexico and the border situation.  I was deeply offended considering that he and most of them are also immigrants, but unlike Mexicans these haters got a red carpet welcome to the United States, after the fall of Vietnam.

No Latinos showed up to Tran’s grand opening on Labor Day

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, who Tran is challenging also was interviewed.  Here is what she had to say about immigration:

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