Van Tran now says he isn’t a Mexican basher, LOL!

Trannie Minutemen

Can you believe it?  Republican Congressional candidate Van Tran says Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez slandered him when she said he was anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic.  (Not sure why she used the term “Hispanic.”  She should have said “Latino” or “Mexican.”)  He is even insisting that she apologize.

Is Tran serious?  Of course he is a Mexican basher!  He recently admitted as much, telling the O.C. Register that he supports Arizona’s racist SB 1070 law.  Click here to read about that.

Tran also flew his Trannies to the Mexican border, at taxpayer expense, to ridicule Mexican immigrants.  Click here to read about that.

And one of Tran’s most fervent backers is Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a hater who attacked me on Facebook when I went after his boy Tran.

That said, Sanchez was an idiot to say that the Vietnamese are trying to take her district.  She should have said the Trannies are trying to take her district!  Maligning all Viet voters was stupid.  She now says she did so mistakingly. The damage is done however.

I want to add that Tran is actually running on the issues.  His mailers are about JOBS.  Sanchez keeps ripping him for taking $136K in per diems.  Memo to Sanchez – the voters care about jobs and the economy.  They could care less about Tran taking a paltry per diem.  And perhaps the voters know how much YOU make as a Congressional representative!

Here is Tran’s latest campaign mailer:

Note: The woman in the mailer above is Gwen Dyrud, a total nutter.  Her main issue is abortion.  She is allied with Rosie Avila.

And here is Sanchez’ latest mailer:

Sanchez also went after Tran in a new TV commercial:

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