There is more to the Pulido hybrid car story than what was reported

There has been a lot of chatter in town of late about the hybrud electric plug-in test car that the South Coast Air Quality Management District provides to their Board Member, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido. As usual, the media hasn’t covered this story well at all. In fact they are acting like they broke a story, but I reported about this on the Orange Juice blog way back in July of 2008. It is old news.

The Voice of OC slammed Pulido, but even they had to acknowledge the facts, “Officials from the AQMD say the vehicle is test-grade and not up to production standards. They added that Pulido was issued the vehicle to test drive it and report any problems that need to be fixed, and also to demonstrate it to members of the media and other government officials.”

Pulido does in fact demonstrate the car to members of the media and to other government officials.  He was driving the electric car recently when he attended a meeting that featured U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. He told her about the car and she expressed a desire to see it, as she had not seen a car like it before. Pulido was happy to comply. And so they walked to the parking garage and Pulido showed her the car, opening up the trunk to show her the battery.

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