The Orange County Register offers compelling evidence that DPOC Chair Frank Barbaro is an ‘arrogant buffoon’

On the left is Frank Barbaro, Chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party. On the right is Scott Baugh, Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party. Isn’t this proof that both the Democrats and Republicans are conspiring to split the votes and steal the election in the 47th Congressional District?
I typically don’t like getting personal with other people in my blog posts, but The Orange County Register has just published a very interesting article about Cecilia Iglesias,  who is running as an Independent candidate in the 47th Congressional District.
It reveals previously unknown facts that Frank Barbaro, Chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party, perhaps for some rather bizarre reason, has conveniently neglected to mention about Ms. Iglesias in any of the crazy ramblings he’s made about her:
Iglesias, 38, who goes by the nickname “Ceci,” shares an immigrant background with about half the people in her heavily Latino 47th District. Her family came by bus from El Salvador, fleeing civil war and settling in Santa Ana. She became a citizen in 1996 and immediately registered as a Democrat.
She stayed a Democrat until 2004, when she switched to the Republican Party, registration records show. She was a registered Republican – and voted in Republican primaries – until last year, when she registered as a “Decline to State” voter.
She filed to run for Congress as an Independent less than two months later.
So Ms. Iglesias was a registered voter in the Democratic Party between 1996 and 2004? Interesting, huh? And if she is involved in a Republican Party vote-splitting scheme as Mr. Barbaro and his miniscule army of Democratic Party hacks strongly suggests, was registering “Democratic” part of this infamous plot?
Right now, there is far more evidence–circumstantial and otherwise–to suggest Mr. Barbaro is deeply involved in a conspiracy to defame Ms. Iglesias and impugn her name. So far he’s offered not a shred of court-worthy evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she’s Van Tran’s proxy. And this guy is a lawyer?
I’m quite sure Mr. Barbaro knew before he started attacking Ms. Iglesias that she had been registered to vote “Democratic” at one time. I’ve  been to the Registrar of Voters many times and have seen the computer records they maintain on me: they show every party affiliation I’ve been registered as on the same screen.
The Register later goes on to regurgitate Mr. Barbaro’s vitriol:
“If it smells like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck,” said Frank Barbaro, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Orange County. “She’s in there just to take votes from Loretta.”
If people carefully scrutinize what Mr. Barbaro is saying, he’s basically suggesting that the Orange County Democratic Party owns your votes and that nobody else can have them but the lousy candidates they front. Offended? I am. What an arrogant buffoon Mr. Barbaro is.
The good news, however, is that The Register shows how contradictory and utterly ridiculous Mr. Barbaro’s statements are. If Ms. Iglesias is involved in some kind of vote-splitting scheme, it’s a Democratic Party one, because her presence in this race will probably hurt Mr. Tran, not Ms. Sanchez:
[P]olitical consultant Allan Hoffenblum said … third-party candidates siphon away votes from challengers like Tran, not incumbents like Sanchez.
Iglesias “substitutes for ‘None of the Above,'” said Hoffenblum, who publishes the California Target Book on political campaigns. “What Van Tran needs is every vote of someone who doesn’t like the incumbent.”
And given the fact Ms. Iglesias can’t really hide the fact that her views on various matters are quite right-wing, wouldn’t it make sense that more Republicans might cast their ballots for her than Democrats? Doesn’t Mr. Barbaro realize his own comments are completely insane?
In reality, as Mr. Hoffenblum states,  Ms. Iglesias is a “None of the Above” vote. An overwhelming majority of people who don’t typically support either Democratic or Republican Party candidates will cast their ballots for her solely as a protest vote against them.
I suspect eventually Mr. Barbaro’s remarks will eventually come back to greatly haunt the Orange County Democratic Party because he doesn’t seem to realize there is a fairly large El Salvadoran community in Santa Ana that is becoming politically mobilized.
It is not at all unreasonable to assume that people from this community are interested in challenging Ms. Sanchez for her seat especially if they feel she isn’t paying attention to their needs. One way they’ll start getting that attention is to run candidates against her.
And it is also presumptuous to think that all persons of Mexican or Central American ancestory are going to vote for Ms. Sanchez. The political leanings of peoples from these communities run anywhere from the left, center, and right–just like most of the United States.
Mr. Barbaro and his hacks are too ignorant to understand this community probably right now has the power to determine whether Ms. Sanchez or Mr. Tran gets elected. Unless they cough up evidence Ms. Iglesias is involved in a plot, Ms. Sanchez might already be a goner.
As I’ve previously written, Mr. Barbaro has damaged Ms. Sanchez’s re-election prospects more than anybody else. If the El Salvadoran community perceives these attacks on Ms. Iglesias as an attack against them, they may become the ultimate swing vote that ensures the 47th will be a solidly “Republican” seat for years to come.
And like I’ve also said before, Mr. Barbaro, his hacks, and most importantly, Ms. Sanchez herself, only have themselves to blame if Mr. Tran ends up winning the seat. Instead of sniffing around looking for scapegoats, methinks they should spend some time looking in the mirror.
For purposes of disclosure, Duane Roberts is the Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate in California.

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