Correa and the DPOC [NOT Loretta!] endorse an immigrant-bashing Orange council candidate

UPDATE: Originally this post said, mistakenly – including in the title – that Loretta Sanchez endorsed this guy. With the screenshot below you can see why. She has contacted us to say she does NOT endorse him. So now we can add deception to this guy’s list of negatives. And so much the worse for Lou and the DPOC. – Editor

State Senator Lou Correa is his own man when it comes to endorsements, and I appreciate that.  At times he endorses candidates who are deserving of his support, even if they are not Democrats.

This year however Correa has already endorsed John Leos, a Republican who works for the Orange County Probation Department, for the Anaheim City Council, although there are two good Democrats in that race – Bill Dalati and John Santoianni.  And Leos, as it turns out, is for unfettered gun rights.  He is also for the death penalty.  But that endorsement is mild compared to Correa’s endorsement of a fellow named Robert Louis Douglas.

Douglas is running for the Orange City Council.  He has run before for other seats – and never won.  This time however he may have gone too far.  This is what he listed as his political philosophy, on his Smart Voter page: “I will work on a policy to fight illegal immigrant crime in Orange.”

Say what?  Is it just me or is Douglas yet another immigrant basher?  And this guy was also endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County!

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez also endorsed Douglas, according to his website, as did the entire Democratic Party of Orange County!

Well, I hope that this was an oversight on the part of Correa and the DPOC.  Douglas needs to explain himself, now, or he ought to lose those endorsements.  The Orange City Council is already dominated by GOP nutters.  The last thing we need is an immigrant-bashing Democrat to take a seat on that Council as well.

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