Orange Juice blog surpasses 75,000 comments and counting

Orange Juice blog

 On behalf of the entire Juice Team we wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of our faithful, and newer, readers for our latest milestone. We have now surpassed 75,000 posted comments on our 8,200 plus stories. That achievement could never have been reached without your participation that is truly appreciated. 

What sets us apart, and has resulted in our top statewide blog ratings, is that we are not beholden to any special interest or political party. Our posts clearly confirm that statement. We frequently disagree among ourselves which is healthy. 

Continuing to be a leader in the Orange County blogosphere, the Orange Juice has now expanded into interactive, on-line call in radio. That program is “on the air” on Wednesday evenings. Yesterdays radio hosts were Juice editor Vern Nelson and long time Juice blogger Sean Mill. As of today, no other blog offers that  form of communication to its readers. 

In addition, founder Art Pedroza created a new sister blog covering Santa Ana. If you haven’t visited yet check it out. 

As always we welcome your comments and are receptive to your suggestions. 

 Whatever level of success we enjoy today is attributable to each of you. 

On behalf of the entire former and current Juice TEAM we say THANK YOU! 

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