Mission Viejo council candidate Mark Dobrilovic suspends his campaign

Over the past week or more Mission Viejo city council candidate Mark Dobrilovic has discussed consideration of withdrawing from this year’s council election to focus on his family and business. We told him that we surely agree with his priorities and look forward to working with him should he throw his hat into the arena in a future election. After speaking to me this morning Mark sent the following confirmation of his decision to publicly remove himself from this years election.

“Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

Due to personal, family and rapidly expanding business obligations, sadly I am forced to suspend my campaign for City Council.

While I believe I am right on the issues and have a winning platform of smaller government and fiscal restraint, due to mounting obligations I feel I will be unable to mount a continued and sustained campaign for City Council. I believe if I will not be able to give 100% of my time and effort, it is neither fair, nor right to split the conservative vote.

We have several very qualified conservative challengers on the ballot.  They have more time, resources and ability to get the Conservative message out. I will be completely supporting them and their attempt to bring fiscal sanity back to the city of Mission Viejo.

As I am suspending my 2010 Campaign, and it is too late to be removed for the ballot I request you do not dilute your vote by voting for me.

Thank you


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