Is Congresswoman Sanchez losing the Vietnamese vote and her Latino base too?

Sometimes a picture says it all.  The picture above was taken at a Vietnamese household in Garden Grove.  I suspect that before long we will see more Viet households supporting both Van Tran and Lou Correa.

While it is true that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has pandered overtime to the Viet voters, she is quickly losing them to Tran.  Correa, on the other hand, is holding onto them.

Now take a look at the video above, which I found on the OC Weekly, Sanchez is interviewed in Spanish about her campaign.  She speaks the language OK, but had to relearn it as an adult, and it shows.  Even worse, she appears to throw Obama under the bus, and she attacks the Viet community.  It is in Spanish, so here is my translation:

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