Good Capo Recall News: Judge determines Children First candidate John Alpay NOT union-supported.

And duh.  John is a rock-ribbed Republican who is only running because he cares about the education of his kids, the waste of taxpayer money under the current board of clowns, and the loss of value to homeowners thanks to their misrule.  The clowns are losing even that one string on that one-stringed guitar we talked about: “union, union, union.”  Here, I’ll be interviewing John soon, and also bringing you good news on Measure H; for now here’s John’s press release:

September 1, 2010

John Alpay for Capistrano Unified School Board

Court Issues Final Ruling in Lawsuit Against
CUSD Trustee Candidate John Alpay
Judge Determines that Candidate is not Union Supported

SAN CLEMENTE – Today Orange County Superior Court Judge Kim Dunning issued a final ruling in the lawsuit relating to the ballot statement submitted by Capistrano Unified School District Candidate John Alpay.  In issuing her decision from the bench, Judge Dunning determined that the vast majority of allegations against Alpay were without merit and the petition to remove the relevant statements were denied.

Of key importance in issuing her ruling, Judge Dunning determined the allegations that Alpay was a union backed candidate could not be sustained and were without merit. In addition, the ruling also stated that no portion of Alpay’s statement constituted a personal attack on any other candidate.

“I am very pleased with today’s court decision.  It is a complete victory as it affirms what I have said all along,” said John Alpay.  “Under no circumstances shall I seek or accept union assistance or support.  Today in court no evidence was presented that could suggest otherwise.”

The court did order a slight modification to the text of Alpay’s statement, but allowed the underlying substance to remain.  Instead of suggesting that the school board can not raise taxes, Alpay was granted permission to amend his statement to more accurately reflect his conviction that taxes should not be increased and that unnecessary and extraneous expenditures must be eliminated.

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San Clemente Parks & Recreation Commissioner John Alpay is active in the San Clemente community serving in a variety of capacities, including the San Clemente Parks & Recreation Commission, Talega Budget & Finance Committee and the Spanish Village Foundation Board of Directors.  He is also a proud member of San Clemente Sunrise Rotary Club and the Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre.  Together with his wife Rochelle, they have three children, the oldest of which is entering Kindergarten at a local Capistrano Unified school this September.  See

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