A new blog for O.C. Democrats?

I got a Google Alert today with news that apparently it is Alfredo Amezcua’s birthday today.  Happy birthday Alfredo!  I did not know that as Alfredo blocked me from his Facebook account awhile ago, despite all of his complaining about being censored by the City of Santa Ana.

Of more interest however was the site that announced Amezcua’s birthday – a new blog called the OC Democrats Blog.  All of the posts at this blog were dated today, so I am assuming that this is in fact a new blog.

The editor is an anonymous character who calls himself “El Democrata,” according to this new blog’s Facebook page.   The About page explains that this is a new blog for Democrats.  The folks at this new blog apparently felt that it was needed as there are no O.C. blogs with “Democrat” in the title.  Well, the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) does have its own blog, but even that blog doesn’t have the word “Democrat” in its title.

It is awfully difficult to establish a new blog.  I did so, successfully, last year with my New Santa Ana blog. The last time someone tried to launch a new O.C. political blog, as far as I recall, was when Claudio Gallegos started his “Sunny D” blog.  It quickly died but then was purchased by Dan Chmielewski, of the Liberal OC.  I am still not sure what that was all about.

A bigger success has been the OC Progressive blog, which has evolved into a great, albeit wonky, read.

Speaking of the Liberal OC, you have to wonder if this new blog is a reaction to their constant shilling for Republicans, including the odious Matt Cunningham, of the Red County blog.  The new O.C. Democrats blog states that it will not allow Democrats to be attacked – and that it will not promote Republicans. That surely sounds like a broadside against the questionable Liberal OC bloggers.

That said, the first few posts over at this new blog are all positive.  I like what they are doing and will add them to my links and our RSS feeds.  I am not a Democrat but I have so much distaste at this point for most of the O.C. Republicans that I can only hope that this new blog will succeed in taking out a few of them.

Click here to read the new OC Democrats Blog.

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