The future of the Orange Juice blog

If there is one thing I have come to realize while under attack by the Liberal OC bloggers, it is that the Orange Juice blog is of utmost importance to a fairly large online community here in Orange County. 

At one point during our recent settlement discussions, which as you all know by now went nowhere, I decided to test the Lib OC crew by offering the Orange Juice blog to them on a platter.  They offered only $5,000 for this blog, which is laughable.  Our true value is incalculable.  The Lib OC guys just don’t get it.  I guess they are used to working on a blog that doesn’t matter and has no value.

My intention is to create a non-profit to run the Orange Juice.  Vern Nelson will continue not only as Editor but as our CEO and Chairman of the Board.  Any profits we generate will be used to cover our costs, and pay Vern for his hard work.  The remainder will be donated to charities our Board will select.

If any of you know any lawyers that can help us turn this blog into a non-profit, please pass along that information to Vern.  The sooner we get started with that, the better.  Click here to contact Vern.

There are plenty of political blogs here in Orange County.  But there is only one Orange Juice.  We will survive the Lib OC’s efforts to muzzle us.  And we will continue to make a difference. 

Thanks for reading this blog!

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