Senator Correa, don’t sell us out to the big health insurers!

I don’t usually give Lou Correa grief for all the votes he casts along with the Republicans against sensible progressive measures, and in favor of his corporate donors… because his vote usually doesn’t kill the bills in question, and meanwhile he manages to bring much more money to Orange County from Sacramento than any of his Republican colleagues.

But today is a big one, he’s gotta change his vote.  I remember the first time I heard Lou give a stump speech, and the second time as well, he always told heart-rending stories of people he’d met walking his district who couldn’t for the life of them afford health insurance. Well, what’s he done about that in his four years?  I’m not sure.  It seems he always votes to protect the profits of big insurance and Pharma.

Today – and this is an emergency because the legislature’s going out of session – Dave Jones is trying to pass his AB 2578, the Health Care Affordability Act.  A quick bit about that, from here:

It’s Time to Regulate Health Insurance Rates just like we do with car, property and casualty insurance under Proposition 103 which has saved consumers billions of dollars.

That’s why Assemblymember Dave Jones re-introduced AB 2578 – the Health Care Affordability Act – to make sure that strong consumer protections are in place to prevent outrageous rate hikes for health insurance.

Under AB 2578, HMOs and health insurers would need to receive approval from the Department of Managed Health Care or the Department of Insurance before they could increase any rate premiums.

Without this new legislation, we will continue to see skyrocketing health insurance premiums, just like the recent one announced by Anthem Blue Cross which raised premiums on its individual plan product by as much as 75 percent.

Now Assemblyman & Insurance Commissioner candidate Dave Jones is letting us know that the bill is up for a final vote this afternoon, and he’s only four votes short of passing it.  And our LOU is one of the no’s at this point.  NO, LOU!  This is not why we worked so hard to elect a Democrat here (and why we’re planning to work so hard to re-elect you.)  Remember who you’re representing, remember your stump speeches.

Dave writes, “The insurance industry and their lobbyists are swarming the Capitol to kill this legislation as they have done twice in the past.  Please contact your California State Senator today and ask them to vote for AB 2578. Click here to find their contact information. Once you get to the screen, click on “Find Your Senator” on the left hand side, enter your address and the system will find who your Senator is.

The bill came up for a vote last night and here is how the Senators voted. We need to convince four of the Senators who voted No or who didn’t vote to support AB 2578:

Senators Voting No:

Sam Aanestad : Tel: 916.651.4004  (Republican)
Roy Ashburn : Tel: 916.651.4018  (Republican)
Sam Blakeslee : Tel: 916.651.4015  (Republican)
Ron Calderon : Tel: 916.651.4030  (Democrat)
Dave Cogdill : Tel: 916.651.4014  (Republican)
Lou Correa :  Tel: 916.651.4034  (Democrat)
Jeff Denham : Tel: 916.651.4012  (Republican)
Robert Dutton : Tel: 916.651.4031  (Republican)
Bill Emmerson : Tel: 916.651.4037  (Republican)
Tom Harman : Tel: 916.651.4035  (Republican)
Dennis Hollingsworth : Tel: 916.651.4036  (Republican)
Bob Huff : Tel: 916.651.4029  (Republican)
George Runner : Tel: 916.651.4017  (Republican)
Tony Strickland : Tel: 916.651.4019  (Republican)
Mimi Walters :  Tel: 916.651.4033  (Republican)
Rod Wright : Tel: 916.651.4025  (Democrat)
Mark Wyland : Tel: 916.651.4038  (Republican)

Senators Not Voting:

Gloria Negrete McLeod : Tel: 916.651.4032 (Democrat)
Alex Padilla : Tel: 916.651.4020 (Democrat)
Lois Wolk : Tel: 916.651.4005 (Democrat)

We just need to convince four senators in order to pass this landmark legislation that will save California consumers billions of dollars.

If your Senator is not listed above, then they are supporting AB 2578. Please contact them to say thank you and ask them for their help in convincing the other Senators to vote yes.

It’s time to act – now.

Contact your Senator today and tell them that we cannot afford to wait. We must take action now to stop outrageous rate hikes by health insurance companies.

Thanks for your help and support,

Assemblymember, 9th District
Candidate for Insurance Commissioner

PS.  Or maybe it doesn’t really make that much difference if Lucille Kring wins.

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