OC Political Blogosphere is a Virtual Sausage Fest

The online magazine website “Alternet” is starting a donation pledge to help out women writers. The “Gender Byline Gap Project” is aimed at fostering and promoting such voices. The necessary campaign prompted a reflection about our own OC political blogosphere. There are many different websites, with different political takes and personalities, but it must be acknowledged that diversity ends when it comes to gender and women voices.

  • On our very own Orange Juice Blog: Vern Nelson is editor, Art Pedroza, Sean H. Mill, and I contribute with various frequency and consistency.
  • Over at The Liberal OC: Dan Chemielewski, Chris Prevatt and Claudio Gallegos are the frequent writers on the blog. Marla Miller was introduced as a new contributor some time ago, but not frequently and her first post? Palin.
  • And our Friends over at  Friends for Fullerton’s Future: Tony Bushala, Joe Sipowicz and Travis Kiger are among the core of political chatter there.
  • Last and least, Red County: Matthew Cunningham and Chip Hanlon are among the most consistent contributors.  I will say Cynthia Ward is among the voices there.
  • Oh, and our amigos over at the OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing blog?: La misma: post machine Matt Coker, R. Scott Moxley, Nick Schou, Spencer Kornhaber, and Gustavo Arellano (with Megan Brescini in the mix)

Let’s face it. The online chattering class in the OC political blogosphere is a virtual sausage fest (with only a few chorizos!) Why? Among politicians we can point to many women who have been elected and are seeking election: Michele Martinez, Rose Espinoza, Lorri Galloway, Sharon Quirk Silva, Claudia Alvarez, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Deborah Pauly, Janet Nguyen, etc (just off the top of my head) In that list there a lot of women of color. On the blogosphere? Nil if I’m not mistaken. There’s no reason for this lack of blogging diversity. Now, we don’t have to do as Alternet and call for donations. Only some of “us” get paid to do this otherwise volunteer jale. (certainly not me!)

But a) recognizing the lack of gender diversity leads to b) calling out for women bloggers across the spectrum to join the fray.

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