Imam Mahdi Bray accused of raising funds for Hamas

Imam Mahdi BrayHaving just received the following video clip from Florida I recall our Dec 2002 interviews of several MPAC executives at their Convention in Long Beach. In that event, Ron Winship interviewed Imam Mahdi Bray.

To see and hear that 18 minute uninterrupted interview simply go to the Archives on the Home page of the web site and scroll down until you find Eyes on Islam part 2 where you will also see the Imam’s photo. Simply click on that link.
The exchange with Mr. Bray begins at 14:46 minutes and continues thru 32:27.

One of the questions asked by Ron related to immigration.  Our one disappointment is that the interviews were conducted in an open area with quite a bit of background noise to contend with.

One advantage of the Cutting Edge archives is that we retain all of our programs.

Following is the link and 14 minute video just received from Florida where it addresses the Imam’s role in fundraising for Hammas..
1. HAMAS is a “FTO”
“Foreign Terrorist Organization” is a designation of non-United States-based organizations declared terrorist by the United States Secretary of State in accordance with section 219 of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

2. *Imam Mahdi Bray – Exc. Dir. Muslim American Society – violated federal law and needs to be prosecuted.

3. Most Mosques in America also raise money to fund HAMAS and other FTO’s

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