How will Amezcua surpass the votes Martinez got in 2008?

Will Team Martinez be sufficient to elect Alfredo Amezcua?

For Alfredo Amezcua to become the next Mayor of Santa Ana, he would have to surpass the number of votes that Councilwoman Michele Martinez received in 2008, when she challenged Mayor Miguel Pulido.

Martinez received 29.3% of the vote that year, according to Smart Voter.  The coalition that backed her was pretty much the same folks who are backing Amezcua now, although Amezcua has added a few of Santa Ana’s notorious Usual Suspects to the mix.

George Collins, a Republican documentary filmmaker, received 13.8% of the vote, in that same election.  A fourth challenger, Stanley Fiala, received 1.9% of the vote.

This year Pulido has once again drawn several opponents, including Amezcua and Collins.  Additional candidates include Roy Alvarado, a retired contractor, and a fellow named Charles Hart, who has made religious values and implied racism the cornerstone of his campaign.

Even if Amezcua were to merit the same amount of votes as Martinez did in 2008, he would still lag Pulido, by a large margin.  Pulido received 55% of the vote in 2008, and he is likely to repeat that feat this year.

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