Prop 19 backers – Let California Dems know you want their support!

You don’t have to be a Democrat to do this – just a supporter of November’s initiative to decriminalize, regulate, and tax marijuana – PROP 19!  This Friday the California Democratic Party will be deciding whether or not to endorse this vital progressive measure – progressive because it will be one step closer to freedom, a thumb in the eye to several repressive and big-moneyed interests, AND a big boost to our state’s shriveled finances.  (I know L. Morrissey disagrees but his is a minority view.)

Let’s see if we can all convince the Dems to show a little guts as they rarely but occasionally do – let’s see if we can get them to stand up to the Prison-Industrial Complex and the alcohol and tobacco interests who want to keep weed illegal – let’s see if we can get the grassroots party to show more spine than their politicians from Jerry Brown and DiFi down to certain Assemblymembers we won’t name.  And you don’t have to be a Democrat to do this, but getting this major Party on our side will be an invaluable help to passing the initiative.  I give you:  THE COURAGE CAMPAIGN…

Courage Campaign

Dear Vern —

I need your help to win a big victory to legalize cannabis in just a few days.

This weekend, the California Democratic Party Executive Board will decide whether to endorse Proposition 19, the cannabis legalization initiative, at their quarterly meeting in San Jose.

I’m a member of the E-Board, so I’ll be there to organize delegates to endorse Prop 19. Many other E-Board members support Prop 19 as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with us. Senator Dianne Feinstein just came out against the initiative, timed perfectly to scare the CDP delegates into voting her way.

I need you to back me up by signing the Courage Campaign’s petition to the California Democratic Party, asking them to endorse Prop 19.

Your signature can make the difference. Please sign our petition to the California Democratic Party to endorse Prop 19 and I will bring your signatures to the CDP E-Board meeting as powerful evidence that California progressives demand the Democrats support legalizing and taxing cannabis. DEADLINE: Friday, 10 a.m.:

Support for Prop 19 is growing. Last week the California NAACP came out in support of Prop 19. Prop 19 will make our communities safer and provide badly needed revenue to our state while reforming our prisons.

Polls show California Democrats support Prop 19, but the overall electorate is closely divided, and some elected Democrats are scared of embracing this long-overdue reform. A “Yes” endorsement from the California Democratic Party will give a big boost to the Prop 19 campaign.

That’s why opponents are mobilizing to block a “Yes” endorsement. Senator Feinstein’s statement was undoubtedly timed to influence this weekend’s vote and stop Democrats from endorsing the initiative.

We can win a victory this weekend at the California Democratic Party E-Board meeting. And if we do, the Democratic Party will be on record in support of Prop 19. Please click here to sign the Courage Campaign’s petition to the CDP to endorse a “Yes”vote on Prop 19: DEADLINE: Friday, 10 a.m.:

Thank you for taking action to reform our prisons and ensure responsible, sensible regulation of cannabis in California.

Robert Cruickshank
Public Policy Director, Courage Campaign

Courage Campaign California is a part of the Courage Campaign’s multi-issue online organizing network that empowers more than 700,000 grassroots and netroots supporters to push for progressive change and full equality in California and across the country. Supported by thousands of small donations from our diverse community, Courage Campaign California holds politicians accountable to progressive values, works for fundamental reform to our state’s broken government, and trains and organizes activists to change their communities.

To power our campaign to pass Prop 19, please chip in what you can today:

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