New documentary explores California’s cannabis culture

California's Cannabis Culture from amanda van west on Vimeo.

I received an email this week from Amanda Van West, who is finishing her MA degree in International Broadcast Journalism at Westminster University in London.  She is originally from California, and she has produced a documentary film, “California’s Cannabis Culture.”

It’s a 12-minute documentary about the marijuana scene in California, which is very relevant in light of our upcoming election in November, which will include Prop. 19 – the measure to regulate and tax cannabis.  This could be a very pivotal turning point in California if it passes, and she hopes that her documentary will stimulate some debate about this issue.

The video is an exploration of California’s cannabis culture. It’s the story of the people fighting for it, the people fighting against it, the people selling it, the people making it less taboo, and the people who were around when the whole scene started.

You may watch the video atop this post or click here to go to Amanda’s website.

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