Fullerton Planning Commissioner Bruce Whitaker pulls papers for city council

Bruce Whitaker, O.C. District Director for 72nd AD Assemblyman Chris Norby, who also serves as a member of the Fullerton Planning Commission, has just pulled papers to run for the city council.
At the present time there is one open seat. I believe Mayor-Pro-Tem Pam Keller is up for re-election this November.
Prior to joining Assemblyman Norby’s staff  Bruce served as a Policy Advisor / Executive Assistant to Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby, 4th District.

Bruce has been deeply engaged in the fight to protect private property rights throughout the state for the past decade. He has organized Chris Norby’s bi-annual MORR conference bringing together national leaders in the area of eminent domain and redevelopment. He also leads the effort to update the annual Redevelopment: the Unknown Government booklet each year.

He is a well known public speaker, television debater and defender of “America’s basic freedoms”.

Bruce is an elected member of the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee where he finished second in the 72nd AD primary 20 votes behind Marilyn Davenport as he received 12,873 votes.

He is also a founder/past president of FACT, Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers, who successfully fought an attempt to issue a $500,000,000 pension bond that would have violated the CA Constitution. The successful legal challenge related to any borrowing exceeding $300,000 without voter approval.

Bruce has championed many grass roots efforts. He served as the spokesperson for the Committees of Correspondence uniting several taxpayer groups in the wake of the OC bankruptcy.

Bruce is also a founding member of the Cutting Edge-atalk show media team

The residents of Fullerton are very fortunate to have someone with his intellect running for a seat on their council

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