Does mayoral candidate Charles Hart miss the days when there were less Mexicans in Santa Ana?

Gustavo Arellano wrote a great post over at the O.C. Weekly’s Navel Gazing blog wondering what Republican Santa Ana mayoral candidate Charles Hart meant when he stated in his press release that “I am running for Mayor to help restore Santa Ana to its greatness.”

Here are a few excerpts from Arellano’s post.  Be sure to click here to read the whole post!  In the post Arellano cites numerous instances of old-time Usual Suspects decrying the condition of Santa Ana – back in the same time Hart is referring to!

“I was born and raised in Santa Ana,” Hart writes on his campaign website, “and I remember what Santa Ana was like when the streets were safe enough for kids to play on, our downtown was a fun place for families to visit and shop on the weekend, and the schools were considered a great place to get a good education.”

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