Benavides Hatergate: The missing Independence Day video emerges

David Benavides caught with Minuteman Lupe Moreno

I met last night with Naui Huitzilopochtli and he graciously allowed me to borrow his video clips of the footage he shot at the Santa Ana Independence Day event on July 3, that was taken over by the Minuteman.

Naui said that he saw Republican volunteers registering voters.  He approached them just as they were trying to connive a woman into registering as one of them.  When he saw this he quickly asked her if she really wanted to be a Republican.  Oh no, she replied, I am a Democrat.  Naui wasn’t sure how many voters were fraudulently registered that day.

In the video you will see that Anita Hynds, a Minuteman, immediately started screeching at Naui to go away, even though he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

You will also see Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides literally bowing to Lupe Moreno, as she gives him instructions.

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