4th of July Tea Party to be held in San Juan Capistrano

If you are in the mood for Tea Party politics this holiday weekend, there will be a 4th of July Tea Party in San Juan Capistrano, at the Historic Town Center Park, located at 31806 El Camino Real, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Here are the details, courtesy of this event’s Meet-up Page:

Come on out for a great TEA PARTY RALLY – Celebration of our Independence – and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

SOC912 is devoted to restoring America, defending the Constitution and keeping America free! This Rally is all about FREEDOM and LIBERTY, less government control and intrusion, and less taxing and spending. Americans wants to keep more of what they earn, not less.

The rapid pace that our government is headed toward socialism/communism is unprecedented. WE THE PEOPLE must rise up and gather, get informed and speak out (and vote) against it. This will be a fun event, but serious business. Come on out and enjoy the speakers, the 20+ vendors (of other activist groups, protest letter signing, etc.) as well as the patriotic music and more (including the song Uprising by Muse) with our own Tea Party Band.

Bring your patriotic and protest signs! Also, don’t forget your sunscreen and hat. We will provide some chairs and some shade. Some food and water will be available. Clown and face painting! Bring your family. Let’s enjoy the 4th together as AMERICANS!

Click here to download the flyer and spread the news!

When we sound the trumpet, we will begin. First and foremost, we will be honoring our military and acknowledging our indebtedness to them. Then onto our speakers (some listed below):

  • Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson – Appears regularly on Fox News, tells it like it is!
  • Piedad Ayala – Water For All, How the federal government is keeping water from us and the Central Valley unnecessarily!
  • Eric Golub – Comedian, on Ideological Bigotry!
  • Penny Garcia – What life is like in Cuba now that it has a communist dictator!
  • Chelene Nightingale – American Independent Candidate for Governor
  • Don Wagner – Candidate for Assemblyman 70th District
  • Shari Freidenrich – Candidate for OC Treasurer

This will be SOC912’s 3rd “tea party” rally. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

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