Will Sidhu Drop Out Of The Race For The 4th?

Those peacocks are not going to feed themselves...

Contrary what Harry Sidhu told Register heart throb Jennifer Muir the other day, speculation is mounting that Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu is not going to spend another dime on the 4th District Supervisor’s race, and neither are the unions – at least not on Sidhu. So where does all this leave us? What happens if ol’ #2 re-registers at his true home, the Elegant Yorba Estate, thus disqualifying himself for the November election? Will the race for third place suddenly become meaningful despite our attempts to make fun of it? Will the third place finisher Lorri Galloway be thrown back in the November election? She seems to have finished up about 50 votes ahead of Buena Park’s Art Brown.

Maybe Galloway better hold off on her own re-registration back at her real home.

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