Will crazy Jon Voight be serving the margaritas at Rohrabacher’s birthday bash?

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher hates Mexicans so much that he recently stalked a Mexican consul, following him to Catalina Island and into a church, in an attempt to stop the legal production of Mexican I.D. cards for Mexican citizens in this country.

So it is rather inexplicable that Rohrabacher has announced that he will be serving margaritas at his birthday bash, on June 27, which involves a reception and a $1,000 per plate dinner in Newport Beach.

Rohrabacher’s guest at his bash is crazy actor Jon Voight.  Watch the video above for a taste of what a whack-job this guy is.  In the video Voight claims that President Obama is raping the nation.  Aye Dios!  I thought Bush, Cheney and Rummy did that already!

Click here to download the invitation to Rohrabacher’s fundraiser.  Here is his flier:

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