Sacramento adding another control on us – unloaded firearms

Tired of every time you turn around some politician is pushing forward a new law in Sacramento to further limit our freedoms?  We now have car seat laws, helmet laws that some want to expand to activities like skiing, sign waiving laws, and even a law that prohibits ranchers from removing the tails from cattle.

Now comes Assembly Bill 1934 authored by Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, a Democrat from San Diego.  According to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle her bill would ban the open carrying of guns in public.  (“Assembly bans openly carrying gun in public”, June 2).  That’s right, while some States are moving to allow the carrying of loaded firearms in public as an expression of freedom and in a belief it is a crime deterrent our Assembly, including Ms. Saldaña, want to criminalize the carrying of even an unloaded firearm in California.

Of course any legislation dealing with firearms is controversial, but beyond that just how much of our lives do we really need Sacramento telling us what we can and cannot do, what we must wear and not wear, etc.?

We have read that middle-class folks and employers are leaving California for places like Nevada and Colorado Springs, Colorado and Texas (where the economy is strong) taking their job and families with them.  The motivation for such movement is not all economics; it is also to escape an over-regulated, over-legislated society that seems to be sinking.  Bills like AB 1934 are yet another reason that freedom-loving folks are looking to relocate out of state, taking their jobs and money with them.

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