‘Queen Meg’ feted in Little Saigon




I am so glad that my comrades and fellow bloggers are on the job with substantive stories about  serious candidates like Mike Glover – this frees me up to pursue my real interest of following royalty sightings in the OC.  And did you know, Queen Meg was feted in Little Saigon, just this Tuesday? Check out the video:

Why, I’ll be damned – that’s Princess Janet Nguyen standing behind Her Majesty! I KNEW it!   I just knew it was true that Janet’s Black April debacle was partly a failed attempt to curry favor with Her Thick-Necked Liege and become her most trusted Viet courtier.

And is that Dick “Judas of the Fairgrounds” Ackerman there next to Janet?  No, seriously, I can’t tell – the cameraman is too distracted by the ecstatic crowd, shouting “MEG FOR QUEEN!” so eager are they to see a true old-fashioned coronation, and a final restoration of righteous, God-ordained monarchy.

'QUEEN MEG: Build Prisons, Not Schools.' 'Rich Enough to Rule 2010!' 'Only SHE deserves it!' etc. etc. etc.

The amazing grass-roots movement to properly crown Meg Whitman Queen is documented on Huffington Post here, and my heart swelt with pride to see it alive and well in Westminster.  The idea is inescapable, not only due to Meg’s limitless wealth and sense of entitlement, but also her proposed policies of making the rich richer and poor poorer, and cutting even deeper into California’s vital services which Arnold has already slashed to the bone, a group of policies most memorably enshrined in the phrase, “Let Them Eat Cake.”

So, will you Republican primary voters be backing Queen Meg, or the born-again immigrant-basher Little Poisoner?  I hate to say this, and usually try not to, but Sucks to be you!

postscript:  This post led to two subsequent masterpieces, by “The Royaliste”  :

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