Maniacal Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt attacks immigrants again

Picture courtesy of the OC Weekly

Bill Hunt appears to have completely lost it.  Check out this insane message he emailed to his supporters today:

While my opponents Sandra Hutchens and Craig Hunter remain preoccupied with issues unrelated to the Sheriff’s Race such as my profession as a Private Investigator working within the justice system, I believe voters should be appraised of the candidates’ position on issues facing the Sheriff’s Department and the County. One such issue is that of illegal immigration. I issue this challenge to each of my opponents to advise the public of their position on Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 and their proposed treatment of illegal immigrants who commit crimes of misdemeanor or above. My position is clear and longstanding. I support Arizona’s law and I will refer illegal immigrants to ICE upon arrest for a crime of misdemeanor and above. I believe we can safely assume that if my opponents remain silent on this challenge then they do not support Arizona’s law and they will continue in the practice of citing and releasing illegal immigrants back into our streets after they have committed crimes.

So Hunt supporters the Arizona law, and hates immigrants, but he works to release gangbangers from jail?  And rapists?  Is it just me or is this dude seriously conflicted?

Hunt’s increasing mania has not been lost on our friend Scott Moxley, who had this to say about him over at the OC Weekly:

Indeed, every time Hunt campaigns with Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio—the most aggressively anti-illegal-immigrant lawman in the nation—his bond solidifies with this angry voting bloc. Thunderous cheers have repeatedly greeted Hunt’s promise that he’ll post “a posse of armed deputies” to block federal agents any time he thinks they are trying to exceed their constitutionally defined role in local matters. That pledge hasn’t sat well with all voters. One Hunt volunteer, who declined to provide his name, told me that the only criticism he’s heard while distributing campaign fliers is “a fear in some people that Hunt might be too aggressive for the job.”

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