Fleischman rips Rubio for carpetbagging, after backing carpetbagger Linda Ackerman!

Jon Fleischman, consumate hack and hypocrite

Well this story is priceless. GOP hack Jon Fleischman is complaining about a Democratic candidate who is running for the State Senate, on the grounds that the poor guy doesn’t live in the district.  It turns out that his local Voter Registrar has screwed up for years and counted the candidate and his neighbors as part of the district in question, when in fact they live in an adjacent district.

“Kern County Clerk Ann Barnett said she learned Thursday that an improperly drawn map put the East Bakersfield precinct where Michael Rubio lives in the 16th Senate District in 2002, after the census 10 years ago. He really lives in the neighboring 18th Senate District, she said,” according to CBS News.

The irony is that earlier this year Fleischman worked very hard to elect a Republican carpetbagger, Linda Ackerman, to replace Mike Duvall in the State Assembly.  Fleischman knew full well that the Ackermans did not live in the district.  In fact our friend Tony Bushala found a video on YouTube that featured Fleischman visiting the Ackermans on Christmas Day – at their gated community in Irvine!

And now Fleischman is dissing a Democrat who ACCIDENTALLY found himself not living in the district he is running in. 

Is Fleischman the biggest piece of crap in the GOP or what?

Unluckily for Fleischman, it will be up to the Democrat-controlled State Legislature and/or Democratic Secretary of State Debra Bowen, to allow Rubio to run.

Fleischman wants Rubio out of the race, so the Democrats won’t get a 2/3 majority in the State Senate.  Well, too bad Fleischman.

Now check out one more quote from the hideous Fleischman:

“I feel bad for Rubio because he’s a victim, but he’s not qualified to be the nominee and he’s not qualified on the face of it because he doesn’t live in the district,” said Fleischman, who first reported the residency problem on his conservative blog, Flash Report.

That’s right.  He broke this pointless story.  Imagine that.  Fleischman hacked for weeks for Ackerman despite knowing she was a carpetbagger.  Now he fashions himself some kind of watchdog against carpetbaggers.  What a joke!

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