Fiorina sticks foot in mouth early as she rips Boxer’s hairstyle

This is what happens when you nominate a rank amateur as your U.S. Senate candidate. Republican nominee Carly Fiorina was caught making some very catty comments about the hairstyle of her Democratic opponent, Barbara Boxer.

And Fiorina also went after Republican talk show host Sean Hannity. She wondered why Meg Whitman, the GOP gubernatorial candidate, would want to go on his show. Fiorina seems to think he is a tough interview, even though he rolls over for GOP candidates.

When this story blew up, Fiorina ended up having to go on Hannity’s show, where he told her all was forgiven. LOL!

Boxer’s reaction was priceless, as one might expect from the veteran campaigner.  Boxer said that Fiorina is talking about hair, but she is talking about jobs.

Not sure in hindsight if that was the way for Boxer to go though, given that the Obama administration has utterly failed to “create jobs,” although I will grant that they have talked a lot about it.

Fiorina’s critics have said all along that she is catty and not very nice.  Looks like they were right.

Republicans should have voted for Tom Campbell.  He might have had a chance against Boxer, who I think is going to utterly destroy Fiorina despite her dated hairstyle…

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