Don Wagner wins in the 70th Assembly District

Don Wagner would probaby rather have his son Paul back, than be the winner in the 70th Assembly District.  Paul died last week in a tragic incident involving prescription medicine.  Paul’s sister told the O.C. Register that he had an enlarged heart.

Did Wagner’s tragedy help him win with the so-called “sympathy vote?”  I am sure that did factor in the final results, but we should not overlook the fact that Wagner’s campaign was run by Scott Voigts, a CRA activist who is passionate about his brand of religious conservative Republicanism.  Voigts got the grassroots out for Wagner.  My guess is that Voigts worked the churches – something no other candidate did.

Wagner’s victory also underscores how lame Jerry Amante was.  Amante had the support of the elitist OC GOP machine but he had no grassroots support.  He is now done in politics, IMHO.  Good.  Amante, who is a lobbyist and all-around scumbag, needs to go away now.

I was the only blogger around who thought Steven Choi could win, and he almost did.  He only lost by about 800 votes.  Despite the split of the nutter vote by Wagner and Amante, Choi could not win, but he has nothing to hang his head about.  He worked hard and almost pulled it off.  Some Republicans may have not voted for him in order to keep him on the Irvine City Council, where he is still needed to fight against the Agranista machine.

Choi is a class act and I know he will support Wagner who now will face Democrat Melissa Fox.  She is a doctrinaire liberal who wants to raise taxes.  And she is mired in the Agranista machine.  No bueno!  She will lose big in November.

I am not happy Wagner won, but I am very happy that Amante lost.  I will back Libertarian Debbie Tharp in November.

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