Deceptive Mailer Alert #3: the Dem Party DOES endorse Prop 15!

So now it looks like the StopProp15 folks (hello, Richard) have bought space on one of those deceptive slate mailers that purports to tell loyal, low-info, partisan voters how their party wants them to vote.

Previously in this series we’ve called attention to a Republican mailer that suggested the GOP backed Prop 14 (NO) and a Dem mailer that suggested Lorri Galloway was the endorsed Dem candidate (NO!) and just today Tony Bushala is having a cow because Democrat Tom Daly was on a Republican mailer, which is funny because Tony’s Republican friend Shawn Nelson is on this particular “Democratic” one.

These slate mailers are just totally full of shit, and nobody should look at them EVER.  Basically if you see an asterisk next to a name or measure, those people have PAID – from $500 to $1000 – to be on that mailer, and the mailer folks will take that money from anyone.  And even apart from those paid items it’s filled with arbitrary stuff to make it look credible.

In this case, under the cover a dashing photo of a sailing JFK, the mailer whores would have you believe that the Democratic Party is against Proposition 15, the vital California Fair Elections Act.

NO! The California Democratic Party has endorsed Prop 15.  And thereby hangs a tale.  We progressive reformers really didn’t expect the Democratic Party to endorse Prop 15, as they’ve rejected similar reforms in the past.  Anyone who wields power under the current system – as the two party hierarchies do – is leery of any kind of change to that system.  The only reason the Party did endorse it was the hard work of us progressive activists who are trying to take the Party over (DFA, PDA.)  So it rankles to see this lying mailer.  [Update – see comment #1 below for a more accurate and thorough account of the tale.  And props to the “California Progressive Caucus.”]

Don’t get the wrong idea though.  EVERYBODY should vote yes on Prop 15, not just Democrats and Greens.  Please read my article “Our Sickness, Our Cure” if you haven’t already.

Another thing, speaking of these sleazy slate mailers and Prop 15:  The folks who make these mailers are exactly the sort that feel threatened by reform, so – although StopProp15 did pay to be on this particular one – many slate mailers are plugging “No On 15” for free.  THESE ARE THE LYING, GREEDY INTERESTS WE’RE UP AGAINST, AS WE TRY TO MAKE THIS GRASSROOTS REFORM HAPPEN.

Oh PS:
Tom Daly is a Democrat!
and Shawn Nelson is a Republican!
and don’t believe anything you get in a “slate mailer”
especially if there’s an asterisk next to it –
They’ll put Hitler on if he sends ’em a thousand bucks.

Yes on Proposition 15!

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