The Bloody English Oil Barons

Where is LukOil now that we need them?  Even the Russians could do better with the Chernobyl disaster than the Bloody English have done with the Gulf of Mexico!

The rumor is that people trying to clean up the oil are getting sick from just being around the evil BP Oil disaster area.   Those who have volunteered are now being treated from a variety of lung disorders – equivalent to smoking four packs a day for 40 years….all within just a few days.  This BP disaster could be one of the worst choices ever made on the planet, since the Spanish Armada.

The English were allowed to think up ideas during the 60’s for the Space Program.  However, they were never allowed to actually touch any part of the Apollo Program or anything to do with real hands on engineering.  It was the 80’s before companies like Pilkington and other English Engineering people came aboard and hired the top US Engineers to launch strategic endeavors – augmented U.S. Engineering.

The English have always been known for being cheap.  They were the first to go on cheap vacations to Yugoslavia back in the 60’s.  Before that Spain!  The English are the worst elitists on the planet.  Their great joy in looking down on their fellow man has followed them from India to Africa to Singapore and around the globe.  Why do they think they are so superior?  “Master’s of the Sea in the 1800’s?”  “Masters of Deceit in World War II”.  The English love their Boy’s Schools, Short Pants, Rowing and looking down on those with less money, position or wealth.  Sounds a great deal like Goldman-Sachs.  The East India Company made Goldman-Sachs look good in fact.  How about Lloyds of London…there is another joke of a company – that has to re-pen its history every few years to forget some of the most egregious missteps!

Now BP is going to single-handedly kill the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  How about, that $500,000 Emergency Lock-up Device that could have been operated remotely from the surface in case of an emergency, but was never installed.  Still not installed on all Oil Platforms that belong to BP around the world.  They are cheap, stupid people that are on their way to killing our planet.  They should be strung up by the smallest thing on their bodies.  BP needs to go belly up, BP needs to be sued into extinction.  BP, needs to turn all of its property over to the Chinese.  In fact anyone, that is willing to take responsibility for this abject stupidity or in fact: criminal incompetence.  In this case, the world needs to Nationalize BP today!  Take over all BP property and split it up to every other oil company in the world including Pemex!

The time has come to yank the controls out of BP’s hands.  They couldn’t stop a leaky toilet, much less this  environmental debacle.  The corrective action now is – to simply take their power away immediately.  They should not be allowed to make any decisions on closing the leak – so says: James Carville, and we agree!  Oh, The Bloody English!  President Obama… the right thing and seize control of BP now!  They can keep their phony titles, rank…but we need take every cent they have ever made!

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