Supervisor Janet Nguyen says she is worried about blog comments

Janet Nguyen’s blog attack dog, Chris Prevatt, a County worker

The Orange County Board of Supervisors adapted a new Social Media policy today.  I found Chairman Janet Nguyen’s comments to be of interest.

“Supervisor Janet Nguyen was worried that allowing comments could lead to attacks on county employees,” according to the O.C. Register.

Really?  It is a little known secret that Nguyen uses the bloggers at the Liberal OC as her personal stalkers.  They recently harassed our fellow blogger Sean Mill’s employer so much that their corporate counsel had to get involved. 

They also have revealed the health benefits that County worker Hugh Nguyen gets.  And they secretly videotaped him helping out at his Uncle’s Lee’s Sandwiches restaurant in Santa Ana. 

The same stalkers also walked up to Steven Choi’s home, in Irvine, and took pictures, trespassing in the process.

Need I mention the incessant attacks on Supervisor John Moorlach that take place over at the Liberal OC?

Or what Nguyen’s former employee, Ryan Trabuco, did when he bought URLs mentioned in the campaign mailers of her opponents, Dina Nguyen and Trung Nguyen, and forwarded them to Asian gay porno sites?

It sounds like Nguyen is not a proponent of free speech.  She has good reason to try to muzzle the voters.  She has quickly become the most unpopular County Supervisor, particularly after her failed attempt to take over last month’s Black Friday event in Little Saigon.

I have also heard that Nguyen’s cabal has formed a new political consulting venture and they are asking Viet candidates to pay them as much as $160,000 to run their campaigns and to market them in the local Viet community.  Her husband, Tom Bonikowski, and her Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, are said to be involved in this new venture. 

They both also own a Lee’s Sandwiches franchise in Stanton that has been repeatedly busted by the O.C. Health Department.  My sources tell me that their restaurant has lost money from day one.

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