Steve Poizner said he’ll fight to the death for Prop 13

Steve Poizner addressing OC supporters in Laguna Hills

At 1 p.m. today candidate for governor Steve Poizner made a campaign stop in Laguna Hills in south Orange County that was attended by over 100 supporters.

Villa Park council member Deborah Pauly served as the MC of this event. After she shared some of Steve’s plans for our recovery we listened to other elected officials discussing immigration and tax cuts.

After his 9 minute speech I asked the first question. Here is that exchange:

Attendees surround Steve Poizner

“Steve. I am Larry Gilbert and I put out “Larry’s Picks.” I have endorsed you in that. I’m getting a lot of heat on Prop 13 and split role. What is your position?”

“Yes. Thank you for asking because you know…Meg Whitman has distorted my record on so many different issues. On my web site you can get the truth on all her 50 million charges.

Let’s be clear on Prop 13. I believe in Prop 13 down to my bones. I’ll fight to the death for Prop 13. I believe Prop 13 is critical for homeowners predictability they need and those 2/3rds voter requirements for Prop 13 is essential.” This was followed by a standing ovation.

Youngest Councilman in OC Jeremy Yamaguchi with MC Deborah Pauly

Another question from the audience that Steve tackled was on the subject of abortion.

“Let me just say I’m opposed to abortions. I want to work to drive the number of abortions down to zero. Over the last few years I have become honestly..more passionate about this. As governor I’ve decided to take a little bold step to drive down the number of abortions, and I will stop all government funding of abortions…all government funding.”

This was followed by another ovation.

“You all know that Meg Whitman and I have lots of differences. And one’s on government funding of abortions. She supports it.”

After his presentation Steve mingled with the supporters who then started working a phone bank.

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