Sink the Murtha!

The Secretary of the Navy has shocked and insulted millions of men and women of the Armed Forces by designating an Amphibious Dock Transport as the USS John Murtha. Our fighting men and women have even started up a Facebook site, called People Against Naming a Navy Ship the USS Murtha.

“This dishonors every Marine who will serve aboard that ship,” a Navy officer told The Washington Times. “And it sends a poor message to the acquisition community that politicians can have ships named after them just for sending pork back to their districts.”…

This is the dreck of a human being who slandered US Marines and refused to apologize even after he was proved wrong. This is the man named in Esquire Magazine as one of the top 10 worst people in Congress. Quite a feat in such esteemed company! This is the man Citizens for Responsibility in Government named as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress. Murtha had ties to The PMA Group, a defunct lobbying group under Federal Investigation. Murtha had ties to Kuchera Industries, a defense contractor under Federal Investigation. All these and more, and honorable government accountability groups continue to push for documents and investigations that have stretched on for years.

And if all that weren’t enough, Murtha was identified by the FBI as being involved one of the biggest congressional scandals in our country’s history. ABSCAM. FBI agents, posing as middle eastern representatives, attempted to bribe congressional representatives in return for political favors for a fictional arab shiek. Murtha was videotaped discussing a $50,000 bribe and for 26 years of his corrupt reign, it was never publicly revealed. Partly because Murtha cut a deal and testified against other members of Congress, saving his bacon.

The point of isn’t that Murtha needs attacking, although its good to remind some people who rush to the defense of a corrupt political hack, slanderer and nepotist. It’s the shocking tone deafness of the Obama Administration, allowing his fellow partisans to so blatantly shine on the American people by honoring one of their fellow “pork bellies” with this sham.

 “If I’m corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district.” -Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)

From the Huffington Post

Murtha is a crook, and if the House Democrats were really serious about fighting corruption, they would have expelled him from the caucus when the first definitive corruption stories broke. The fact that he is continuing to use his position to benefit family is disgraceful, but more disgraceful is that he is getting away with it.


Murtha took campaign money and turned it into government grants. The message his aide, PMA chief Paul Maggliochetti, must have learned at the boss’s side wasn’t that money talks — it’s that money writes, in D.C. It writes checks and your company’s name into the massive, unchecked defense spending bill that seems to remain untouched, year after year after year.

 Join clear thinking and honest citizens by giving power to your voice. Go to the “Don’t Honor John Murtha” petition drive and add your name today! To date, there are 56,000 signatures of like minded patriots. Don’t wait! Do it today!

In the future of USNS LPD 26, imagine, if you can, on the bridge or the forecastle, a bronzed tableau, in the form of a plaque, saying something honest, like this, to all who serve on board this sleek, power-packed US Navy ship:

This ship is named after heroic young U.S. Marine Lt. John Murtha, who served his nation nobly both in Korea and Vietnam, where he received two Purple Hearts. He was elected to Congress in 1974 and served as chairman of the influential House Defense Appropriations Committee, commandeering much-needed funds to improve the military forces of our nation. At the same time, he delivered “pork” to his home congressional district, ensuring his continued reelection to the House (eighteen times!) and the label “King of Pork.” His accusations that eight U.S. Marines, much like the ones serving on this ship, were guilty of murder in a 2005 firefight in Iraq made worldwide headlines. Later, the charges were proved baseless for seven of the eight Marines defending themselves in a wartime Iraq. Before his death at age 77 in February 2010, the congressman was cleared of ethics charges related to alleged favoritism in government defense contracts, a move cheered by his boss, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others who had called also for defeat in Operation Iraqi Freedom. May his proud, early tradition of service to his country be remembered on this attack ship ‘LPD 26.'”

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