Orange Juice publisher’s picks for the June Primary election



My picks include Hector De La Torre for State Insurance Commissioner

Have you thought much about who you are voting for in the upcoming June Primary?

Here are a few of the candidates I am supporting for statewide and Orange County offices:


Democratic Party: Charles “Chuck” Pineda, Jr., Parole Board Judge,

Republican Party: None!

Libertarian Party: Dale F. Ogden, Business Consultant/Actuary,  

Lt. Governor

Democratic Party: Eric Korevaar, Scientist/Father/Businessman, He says he will save millions by having no staff!

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Pamela J. Brown, Economics Professor,

Secretary of State

Democratic Party: Debra Bowen, incumbent,

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Christina Tobin, Voting Rights Advocate,

State Controller

Democratic Party: None

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Andrew “Andy” Favor, Certified Public Accountant,


Democratic Party: Bill Lockyer, incumbent

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Edward M. Teyssier, Business Owner/Attorney,

Attorney General

Democratic Party: Chris Kelly, Attorney/Businessman,

Republican Party: None, all blockheads

Libertarian Party: Timothy J. Hannan

Insurance Commissioner

Democratic Party: Hector De La Torre, California Legislator,

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Richard S. Bronstein, Licensed Insurance Broker,

Board of Equalization, Member, District 3

Democratic Party: None

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Jerry L. Dixon, CPA,

U.S. Senate

Democratic Party: Robert M. Mickey Kaus, Journalist/Blogger,

Republican Party: None

Libertarian Party: Gail K. Lightfoot, Retired Nurse, (805) 481-3434

Green Party: Duane Roberts, Community Volunteer/Blogger,

47th Congressional District

Democratic Party: None

Independent: Cecilia Iglesias,

Republican Party: None

68th Assembly District

Republican Party: Long Pham, Member, O.C. Board of Education,

Democratic Party: Phu Nguyen, Business Owner/Entrepeneur,

69th Assembly District

Democratic Party: Jose Solorio, incumbent

Republican Party: None

70th Assembly District

Democratic Party: Mike Glover

Republican Party: Steven Choi

34th State Senate District

Democratic Party: Lou Correa, incumbent

Republican Party: None

Orange County Sheriff

Republican Party: Craig Hunter, Anaheim Deputy Chief of Police,

Orange County Board of Supervisors, 4th District

Republican Party: Shawn Nelson, Attorney/Fullerton City Councilman,

Democratic Party: None

Orange County Clerk-Recorder

Republican Party: Hugh Nguyen, Assistant to the Orange County Clerk of the Board,

Democratic Party: None

Orange County Assessor

Republican Party: Claude Parrish, Businessman/Tax Consultant,

Orange County Public Administrator

None – not sure who I will vote for but I know I will NOT be voting for the incumbent, John S. Williams.

Orange County District Attorney

No one is challenging incumbent Tony Rackackaus, who I would never vote for anyway.

Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector

I don’t know who I will be voting for yet. I am leaning towards voting for David Lang, who currently is a Trustee on the South Orange County Community College District.

Orange County Board of Education, Area 2

David L. Boyd, University President,

If you would like to see a list of all the statewide candidates running in June, click here.

For a list of Orange County candidates, click here.

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